Licence No.: RPSL-MUM-340

About us

AMAZE MARITIME SERVICES has grown in scope and expertise and with the assistance of its highly skilled & qualified personnel in a full range within the shipping industry and general ship agency services. This broad spectrum of knowledge & experience allows us to offer professional service in following fields

1. Ship Management Services (As per IMO/ILO regulations)
2. Chartering, Ship's-Brokerage, Ship management
3. Containers leasing/handling
4. Sales & Purchase of vessel
5. Demolition Voyages

Amaze maritime services places utmost emphasis to the safety of life, vessel & environment production. Our aim is to remain a leading ship management company by continuous improvements & innovations.


AMSPL is highly efficient company capable of providing the requirements of its foreign principals. We provide quality and personalized service to clients, business partners, seafarers and their family with utmost courtesy, competence and dedication. We are committed to uphold the provisions of the Standard Training Certification and Watch keeping (STCW) 1995 as amended, in conformity with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code adopted by the International Marine Organization (IMO).


To provide highly qualified, competent and well-equipped Deck / Engine Officers and Crew members and maintain harmonious business relationship with our Principals and Seafarers.


People: We will provide a workplace built on trust, cooperation and mutual respect where our people care about their safety and the safety of those around them.
Client Relationships: We will understand our client requirements by building long-term collaborative relationships. We will provide safe and proactive solutions that deliver beyond expectations.
Team Work: We will share knowledge, resources and services across our business. We will work together as one team to achieve our common goals.